ZipaTile/ZipaBox + IKEA

Robert Hercz shared this idea 49 days ago
Under Consideration

Can ZipaTile/ZipaBox connect to, and control, the IKEA gateway the same way it can connect to Philips Hue controller, or must each IKEA lamp be connected directly to the Zipa-thing?

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From my point of view the zipabox don't work with the ikea gateway. You have the connect each device with a zigbee modul.


In my personal opinion, it is easiest to connect the Trafti Zigbee lamps directly to the Zipato controller, only then you can then directly communicate rules and dependencies with other actors using other protocols (Z-Wave, 433MHz, EnOcean,. ..) control directly with the box. Everything else is only cumbersome to handle via detours.

I have been using the E27 Ikea Trafti lamps with brightness dimmer and the GU11 lamps with brightness dimmer and / or light heat. The GU11 spots are new and do not (yet) work at Zipato - I have already opened a ticket for this; Such mass devices are normally integrated quite quickly.

Caution: New ZigBee lamps from Ikea can be quickly and easily integrated or registered; However, if you have to reset an old lamp or register a new one, you have a lot of fun: It can get frustrating at times ...

This is due to the lamps and some peculiarities of the Zipabox, because if you switch back and forth and test around all the time, the whole procedure sometimes piles up and the box tries to work through it bit by bit ... sometimes it helps sometimes just start the box again ...

My general tip at ZigBee: Set up the devices in close proximity to the ZipaBox, switch them off and then screw them in where you need them.