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Zipato as Home Security system

Hans Petter Lande shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

I wish to integrate my security system with my smart-home system. This meaning that I wish to replace my current alarm system with components that can be controlled by my Zipato Gateway.

Before I make this change, I wish to explore some of the features possible with the Zipato system, hopefully some of you will be able to provide assistance.

- What will be used as a control panel for the alarm.? I know zipato has a 4 digit control panel with a "home" and away" button. Are there other options?

- My current alarm system allows for "partial activation". This means that only the door and window sensors will be active in such way that the alarm can be active when you are home. Is this a programming that can be possible with the zipato? If so, can this also be controlled from the control panel.

- My current alarm system has batty powered motions sensors/cameras that will only record video if the alarm is triggered. Is this possible with z wave? As far as I have been able to find out, the only cameras available are IP cameras, which allows constant video streaming and a 240v power connection. Although these cameras gives new possibilities, new issues also arises as they need to be placed close to a 240V socket etc.

- On the subject of cameras, I understand zipato is compatible with a range of "supported Cameras" however I have been unable to find which cameras are support and which are not. Is this compatible?

This camera has a memory card slot for recording, can the camera be programmed to record only if the alarm is triggered?.

The problem with recording to a memory card is that in the event of a burglary, the memory card can simply be removed for removal of evidence. Is it possible to record to a web server or external hard drive.?

-Is there a point to adding the security module to the zipato.? Is Z wave less secure that other frequencies? My current alarm system delivered by a "professional" alarm provider works only on wireless technology, is there any reason why this should be more secure that z-wave?

Think That was it for now.

Thanks for all support

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