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Zipato box did reset Fibaro FGS221 modules configuration !!

olivier34 shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

After a reboot of the box, 5 of my Fibaro FGS221 (I have a total of 7) were "reset" !!

It means that I lost :

- The description name I applied to each switch. They all went back to factory default (for example from "kitchen lamp" back to factory default "On/Off Switch 1") as a consequence I have 5 "on/off Switch 1" and 5 "On/off Switch 2" in the device browser, and can not differentiate them.

- Configuration of each switch went back to default (for example : back to "MONO_STABLE" SWITCH TYPE which is a parameter I modified to "BI_STABLE" at installation about 2 years ago).

The only thing I did recently is upgrade to 1.0.17 a few weeks ago and reboot the box. Sounds like a bug. I did submit a ticket.

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Hello Oliver,

I must admit we haven't had a similar case before, but this does raise some questions.

Please open a support ticket if you haven't already and let us look into this with a bit more detail.

Thank you!



Hello Vedran,

It sounds like I am not the only one to experience this issue (see nicklas comment below).

Also, who did decide that my entry is "not a problem" (this is how I see it referenced in the forum). I consider this as a problem since because of the problem switces do stop working properly.


Hello. I did open a ticket. Here is the reference: Ticket ID: XXW-779-29213

Subject: 5 of my FibaroFGS221 have lost their description

I did some analysis and confirm the reboot I did in the evening yesterday is most probably the trigger of the problem.


i have reported a previus incedent of this, after a firware upgrade 3 of my fibaro inwall switches did reset the configuration


Thanks Nicklas.

So I am not the only one who did experience this issue. I hopenit will be solved... I have a lot of fibaro wall switch in my configuration... Did you get an answer from Zipato support team ?


I realize I forgot to inform the community on the problem reported in this post and its final outcome.

So I did open a ticket and zipato support team confirmed that the reboot did reset fibaro modules back to "factory default settings".

In the ticket the team said that they took the necessary corrective actions so that this incident will not happen again and that they apology for the incovenience it may has caused.

Also, they confirmed that my previous settings (name of modules, etc...) were "lost". They confirmed that there is no way to etrieve them from backups and that I have to manually set all the settings back to my personalisation.

Experience and Conclusions :

1 - Support team was pretty fast to take into consideration my ticket. Good poitn for Zipato

2 - There are still no back-up solution to keep configurations safe and retrive them in case of problems. - very bad point for Zipato

3 - Zipato team has a strange definition for the word "probelm". The issue reported here has been tagged as "Not a problem" by the moderators.... I would like to better understand what the definition of "problem" is for moderators.... - Bad Point for Zipato.

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