Zipato devices, sharing settings

Tomas shared this idea 51 days ago
Under Consideration


I am planning to use the Zipatile, Zipabox with Danalock door locks. These devices work on the Zipato controllers, but we need the full solution for renting business. The question is, how to share the rights of assigned devices and to control them?

My plan to offer 10 x Danalock door locks with Zipatile, so how to give the different rights on different locks, different time, calendar etc.?

I look forward to your comments.

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For that case it's better you use the Danalock App in combination with a Danalock Keypad.


We have all the Danalock solutions/products. They have the limits on that. (Danapad support 20PIN codes, Danabridge support only 2 locks etc.)

So I have tried Zipatile + Danalock locks, but I need the solution with the rights, calendar etc.