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Zipato IR Extender - How to learn codes from Android app and or Web App

Alberto Macias shared this question 3 years ago
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Hello all,

A few months ago I got an IR extender for Zipato, I had a couple proyects in mind, yesterday I finally installed and was trying to make it learn codes for my electric heater, which is not in the default codes.

First I noticed that from the app you have the option of making it learn codes, if you look into the manual there is no reference to the app so this is what I did, not sure if that is the proper way (again Zipato owes us a tutorial video). On the IR devices, you select "Edit" and then any number which is the number or commands it can learn according to the manual (20), then you can rename the code and click "learn", I noticed the IR extender blinked once, then pressed the programming button, IR extender blinked again (according to the manual it needs to blink a couple times which I never was able to do) and then I pointed my control and pressed the button, some time happens and I always got 6 blinks (no good). After a few attempts I decided to do it from the web app.

According to the manual first you have to make sure that there is no defauld code library selected, so I sent value 0 on parameter 27, then I sent value 0 on parameter 25 (bit 0) but I never got the double blink the manual mentions.

Anyone that have programmed one of these that can help??

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This is the offical Zipato TV channel on youtube and shows your IR configuration here for learning codes.



Thank for sharing, actually I did start to see the video but I thought it was only to include/exclude the device. A couple hours ago I was able to make the IR learn the codes through the same method. I was actually trying the first time from the device manager.