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Zipato may be no more first choice

Bernd shared this problem 2 years ago

During the last weeks my ZipaBox in the Cluster with a ZipaTile restartet increasingly often during a day. Yesterday I decided to do a hard reset to possibly solve that problem. After the hard reset I upgraded the firmware to the official release 1.2.29. From that point in time it was impossible to sync the system. I tried it afterwards with the newest beta - right the same.

I opened a ticket yesterday evening but by now I did not get the normal email, that the ticket was opened. In addidition I recognized that two older tickets still open are not more in the ticket list.

To me it seems that Zipato has massive problems with the system itself as well as with the customer support.

Instead of making the existing features stable and reliable may be they prefer to implement new nice to have PRO features to generate some more money.

As the not working sync right now blocks my whole system the heating does not work where z wave valves are installed, the garden illumination is on during the whole night which pleases our neighbours and the security system cannot be used as I don´t know when the next false alarm gets us out of the bed.

And Zipato support?? Nothing by now.

There may be some advantages of a cloud based system but they are reality only when the cloud is working and the firmware is reliable - which obviously both is not the case with Zipato right now.

When I started my smarthome project I decided to do it with Zipato as they had the most sophisticated system at that time and a really really good support. I was really looking forward to the ZipaTile which according to the description in the announcement could be an integrative part of the existing system and works under the ZipaBox.

The reality was much different as all of us know.

May be that a cluster architecture is a very tricky thing but when it is offered to customers - especially when they have to pay for it - it has to work and in my opinion Zipato is struggeling up to now with it.

I am really happy that z-wave is an open system independent from the controller so if there will not be very very quickly significant improvement........


your very frustrated customer


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Ok, I have to correct. The support works.

My initial problem described above was solved within 12 hours, which is really good,

So a special thank to the support


was the problem not valid certificate?


I have no idea what the support guys did but it is not yet finished as the intruder alarm cannot be armed. I hope they are workin on it


i am also having issues syncing controllers since the Firmware upgrade, and Online control center is very very slow to load, mostly need a page refresh to now.

I find support guys absolutely great to be honest, also the cluster works well, just remember to set static IPs for your controllers in the settings page, I find this sorts out some issues. But the overall system performance and features that Pro licence adds, for the price, is unjustifiable.


I am with you Adrian concerning the support guys themselves. And I know, that they have to prioritize which user problems are catergory A and which are category Z.

What I cannot accept is, that unsolved problems which have been already under consideration suddenly for weeks and months are sleeping and at the end the whole case is deleted from the open issues. At least an "Sorry we can´t help right now and we close the issue" is necessary.