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Zipato mini keypad red light on when alarm is on

Nicolas shared this question 6 years ago

I would to activate the red-light of the keypad when the alarm is on and desactivate when the alarm is off

many thanks

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Dear Nicolas,

It is not possible to turn on red light whole the time on keypad when the alarm is on.

Best regards,



Look at the parameter #2. Setting value 255 (#FF) cause that beep/led will be endless. When you trigger Beep at arming (AWAY), it will beep and blink till next change of the state and triggering beep to false.

But you cannot set less than one beep per second (so cannot set one beep per 5sec). I afraid, leaving keypad in described state will exhaust batteries fast.

(my experiences are with Fibaro HC2 hub, in other systems activating/deactivating beeps can be done different, but the general rule is same)

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