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Zipato Mini Keypad RFID only one tag is still running

Christophe shared this problem 5 years ago


I use a Zipato Mini Keypad RFID with 5 tags since years to activate/desactivate my alarm.

But yesterday, only one tag i still working(the one which is associate to the master user declared in the Zipabox)

Am I alone ?

I've already rebooted the box, but still problem

Thank you for you advices


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Some of my tags also have stopped working about 2 weeks ago.

The weird thing is I have a rule that captures each tag used to send me a notification push when it is used. The rule is still triggered which means that the zipabox is receiving the event, while the alarm partition is not reacting. So it seems that the issue is not in the keypad but with the alarm partition receiving the event from the keypad.

My rule :

So I have the issue with RFID W1, when using RFID W1 AWAY,I get the notification push

Yet it is supposed to arm the alarm partition


But it doesn't !!!


Check if "Quick Arm" is enabled in your partition? And don't forget to synchronize your changes to the controller.


Quick arm is already enable.

Only the tag for the main user works well, but the 4 other tags are not working anymore since a couple a days

I've opened a ticket at zipato team


Here is the feedback from Zipato team (thanks for their quick answer) :

The email adress link to the user was not "verified" by Zipato ... so the tag is blocked (strange isn't it)

So if you have the same issue, check your email address


Hi Christophe,

I'm having the same issue. Since a few weeks I'm not able anymore to use my RFID tags. How exactly do I verify my email address with Zipato?


You have to contact zipato support, they have to do the verification of your email adress


I have a similar issue...

The tag Num.1 , the one for the Master Usar, Works correctly.

But the other tags does not arm the alarm. I tried changing the user in each tag for the Master user and all the tags work. But not if I change again for a Member user for the tag.

Does tags only arm alarm for the Master user?

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