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Zipato Multisensor Dual battery consumption

Philippe Petit shared this idea 8 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I've got 2 Zipato Multisensor Dual sensors, and both of'em consumed their batteries in less than a month.

They report state and temp every single minutes even if I set the wake up time to every 120 mn.

What did I miss ? Or is this defective hardware ?

Thx for any hint. Philippe

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Hello Philippe,

The temperature sensor that is built in to the Zipato Multisensor Dual may be queried for

the temperature via wakeup interval or it will report it automatically when it detects

change in temperature.


I have had mye Zipato multi sensor dual for 4 month, and it reports 90% battery left tonight. That is pretty good, I think. It is placed in the stairway, so it is not so often triggered. If I remember right it reports temp once an hour, If the temp does not change.


Thx for your experience returns. Perhaps the original batteries were of a bad made...

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