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Zipato Various License

Vineet Bhojnagarwala shared this question 5 years ago
Need Answer

I could see this new License structure under cloud login. Good going, I could not find the below website updated yet to check the differences between them:

Also, say for dealers, Can I just subscribe to Backup license which will enable me to take backup of all the client boxes that are part of my dealer login ? I guess not, still it would be a great feature for dealers.

EDIT: I would also like to see upgrade structure from all other liscences to PRO

EDIT: The backup License says valid for 12 months, will I loose the back/restore functionality after 12 months ?

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I guess making the Backup/Restore fees payable every year defeats the purpose of function based licensing. I guess Zipato would have generated much more revenues had it been a one time fee like with other features.


surely not a 1 year fee 29 euro? I could understand a 5 euro per year, but 29 should be lifetime. Hell, you should get it free really as it is a normal included feature for most controllers.

And they still dont support Paypal. I had truly hoped that the new Licencing system would be more reasonable, but they have just gone the other way. At more reasonable pricing of 5-15 euro for licences, many would have purchased them.

I would have gone down the route of 99 for everything Pro licence or $7/month subscription, and optional purchase of every type of network besides z-wave & zigbee or hardware expansion modules with Zipabox (as this price should be included with purchase of module) should be a purchase of 15 euro. Including Virtual devices of 5-15 euro for each type but unlimited number of each type once purchased.

Seems to me they want to charge like a commercial grade system to integrators (similar to Homeseer or Control4) but still market/sell to end home users as an "affordable" system. Yet there is no Integrator pricing model either.

Its a mixed up business strategy when their system doesn't support the interfaces/products like the others systems. We cant request products or features and no plugin is available for others to add features.


I had a backup & restore lic subscribed for one of my client which is expiring in 2 months, I do not see it any more, how I renew it upon expiry ?

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