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Zipato guru shared this problem 6 years ago

I'm very afraid from what Zt is doing . Since i was discussing the configuration of the Zipatile as SIP intercom in big building. But now no one from zipato is replying about this configuration.

@sebastian please clarify the procedure of integration of the zt as SIP intercom. Have you resolved the issue of users deleting each others once we run only one SIP server on the building ZT.

Because Honestly it's a lost of money when runnning pro license for all the ZT on the appartments.

I hope that you follow up with us.

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On this link you can find SIP Manual which should help you configuring Zipato SIP server.


Regarding PRO licence you can now purchase licence only for SIP server. Please STORE section in your Zipato web console.

Users cannot longer delete each other with latest SIP server version 1.5.0 this is fixed.

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Just looked under the store section, no SIP licence there.

I must admit, I though Zipatos pricing would be more reasonable, $59 euro for a Smart Alarm Pro? Really? How much is the SIP licence going to be, I assume same 59Euro? This just makes it a waste of money and may as well buy the Pro licence for a little more. Although now the Pro licence apparently only give you one of each Alarm or thermostat not unlimited as before.

Tell me, if you purchase a Pro licence, does this give you one ADDITIONAL Alarm and Thermostat to the ones already included with the Zipatile? So you now have 2

What happens if you delete your alarm/thermostat and want to readd it, is it still available to you or do you need to repurchase another virtual alarm/thermostat?


@ Vedran

Thanks now for resolving the problem of users deleting each other once running only one PRO license on the main ZT working as building SIP server.

@@sebastian Please do include the ZIpato adapter for free with the ZT .as this will move Ziptaile to another position into the market since that now clients customers can use ZT as Internal video door monitor and this is going to be the most cost efficient solution.Just ADD the adapter for free and you will see how the ZT sales and insight will dominate the market.

I really encourage you for that . We can forgive bigs and everithings but i see that the future in ZT.

Kind Regards

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