API V3 example

Gabor shared this idea 56 days ago
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I tried to connect to my V3 Zipabox through API with Python and Powershell scripts but despite I got back '200' answer when I try to GET anything I am getting back HTML site where clearly stated that I am not authenticated.

Can someone share a working example of how can I connect properly because I am cannot find any related entry on the API documentation.

FE with python:

auth ={'username':'***', 'password':'***'}

r =requests.get('https://my3.zipato.com:443/zipato-web/v2/abilities',data = auth)
FE with Powershell:

Function Get-StringHash([String] $String,$HashName = "SHA1")
$StringBuilder = New-Object System.Text.StringBuilder
$sessioninit=Invoke-RestMethod -uri https://my3.zipato.com:443/zipato-web/v2/user/init -SessionVariable sessionvar
$sha1=Get-StringHash $password
$token= (Get-StringHash $token1)
$session= Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -WebSession $sessionvar

Invoke-RestMethod -uri https://my3.zipato.com:443/zipato-web/v2/abilities -WebSession $sessionvar