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API Problem

Solved Rasit General Comments: 2 Reply 39 hours ago by Adrian V.
1 vote

Doorbird Problems with new API

Solved derHelle w. Intercom Comments: 23 Reply 26 days ago by SoTof
8 votes

IOS Shortcuts app - Zipato API auth

Completed Karl Z. General Comments: 3 Reply 45 days ago by Dino M.
1 vote

Get Device's Data From Zipato's API

Need Answer Thibaud D. Comments: 9 Reply 5 months ago by Thomas S.
4 votes

Frequent connection errors using API from phone

Solved David P. General Comments: 3 Reply 7 months ago by Millay M.
1 vote

How to use API to turn a switch ON/OFF?

Archived Abdalrahman H. Comments: 7 Reply 14 months ago by Fredrik H.
1 vote

Virtual Level Control Problem

Known Rasit 15 months ago General No Comments
1 vote

Assign value from JSON to a variable

Need Answer The_Freakquency General Comments: 5 Reply 15 months ago by David P.
3 votes

ability to have zipato send json or api calls

Need Answer Fsolo23 16 months ago General No Comments
1 vote

Passing JSON Arguments to local IP

Need Answer Fsolo23 17 months ago Rule creator No Comments
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