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IFTTT.COM Integration

Archived Simone B. Comments: 20 Reply 3 years ago by Zipato g.
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Rest Api question

Archived Nick o. 4 years ago No Comments
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Howto connect to API (v2) using CURL (on linux)

Under Consideration Bad W. Comments: 3 Reply 19 months ago by Andreas M.
7 votes

Virtual meters, variables and API's

Need Answer Theo v. Comments: 15 Reply 5 months ago by Adrian V.
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Nibe Heatpump integration

Under Consideration TorM 18 months ago General No Comments
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Zipato API Attribute

Archived Çağrı P. 2 years ago No Comments
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Get Device's Data From Zipato's API

Need Answer Thibaud D. Comments: 7 Reply 3 years ago by Alexus
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Zipato API documentation

Archived Stuart B. General Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by Mike A.
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Netatmo API integration in zipato ( via domoticz)

Need Answer Chris G. General Comments: 11 Reply 19 months ago by Cantece
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