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Modbus RTU & Zipabox2

מיכאל ברנס shared this idea 3 years ago

it's possible integrate devices working in MODBUS RTU With Zipabox2?


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Yes, modbus RS485 is supported. There are few ways you can connect, depending on peripherals you use.

  1. W/o additional hardware if you have USB to 485 converter cable. USB end goes to ZB2 and other end to a device (say HVAC controller).
  2. If you have Zipato Security Module you can connect w/ custom cable (say UTP). Usually HVAC controller side has RJ-45 interface for RS485 and the other end is two wires (A and B) which go to security module respective terminals (A/B). This module also has USB port so if ZB2 USB is used for something else you can use this one as described under 1.
  3. (Zipatile 2 has A and B terminals so no additional hardware is needed.)

Inclusion process offers generic 485 option if your controller is not directly supported or you can use one of already supported devices from the list.

For generic type user should be more familiar w/ connection settings, register types, etc.

Hope it helps.



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