Osram Smart Switch Mini compatibility with Zipato controllers

Janne Montonen shared this question 11 months ago
Need Answer


Has anyone experience if this device is fully compatible with Zipato controllers when Zigbee module is connected.


Can it be used in Zipato rules to control lights?

Is long/short press supported?

Does it connect directly with Zipato controllers or is an additional hub needed?

Or if you can recommend good battery operated remote/switch using Zigbee or Zwave that is moderately priced.

I currently have 433Mhz wall switches in use and they are quite unreliable and needs to be replaced.


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I'll answer this by myself.

Switch connects to Zipabox1.

All buttons are supported, press, hold and release.

Works fine on rules.

One problem occurs though. When pairing with Zipabox, device also connects to all Zigbee lights in our house (osram and ikea).

Any advice how to avoid this from happening?