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Wladi Lag shared this question 3 days ago

Hello Zipato,

I switched to the new APP on V3 (Android) and recognize that there are no widgets available yet. I guess you are going to implement this again like on the previos APP on V2. My question would be when do you plan to do so?

I´m mainly using these widgets and less the app itself, because I created a more handy widget surface for me on all our android house devices. See smaler example attached, but I also create the whole house layout and implement in each room zipato on/off widgets for lights/plugs etc. (With Nova Launcher you can even overlay widgets and create your own dashboard directly on the homescreen without starting any APPs. With Onfiver App I can even see my Cameras as a widget!)

As you today don´t have these widgets you could consider the following feedback:

- Please create widgets, which can optionally be started directly. On V2 the whole APP open up where you need to push a on/off button again, thats not always efficient for a widget.

- Please also create widgets for rollershuter not only on/off switches/lights. Today I have to use the APP "HTTP Request" to costomize me my own widgets for that.

- Please create widgets for sensors, like window/door sensors, virtuell sensors etc., where I can see directly see the status "active"/"not active" or "open"/"close"

So my questions:

When do you plan to implement widgets? A realistic date would be nice =)

What is your feedback about the above mentioned topics?

Thanks in advance

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Much remains to be done to move to V3...

At least that's how it feels

i'm afraid to switch because i don't know what things i'm running into.

I bought an extra controller to test this first. very strange that this is necessary.

I bought an extra controller to test this first. very strange that this is necessary


I made the switch from v2 to v3 with new tile2 and box2 ( from tile1 and box1)

Support helped me to get all devices back to work...


Hello Wladi,

I would suggest that you open a ticket regarding this. List all the devices from your Device manager that don't have widgets in the new mobile app and we'll see what can be done.