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Zipatile 2 and Zigbee module

Rafael shared this problem 3 years ago
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Hello all,

I have buy Zipatile 2 normaly with Zigbeeôle-Domicile-Tout-en/dp/B084D7M351/ref=pd_sbs_1?pd_rd_w=xawxW&pf_rd_p=e5ee7ae9-b69f-4a67-b560-2a3418704c96&pf_rd_r=E0KQKNNM3BEVWM6APD7A&pd_rd_r=d5706784-54c3-4966-a110-eefdffaad52e&pd_rd_wg=qWFWd&pd_rd_i=B084D7M351&psc=1#customerReviews

but I have receive this model: ZT2.GWS.ZEU.ULE.

I have check the forum here some tell they are never exist a Zipatile 2 with Zigbee unstead last Zipatile 1...

Do you know when a module will be release and if is plug and play internal card like micro pci?

I'm very frustred for the first buy of Zipato hardware and many site with false spec Zipatile 2 have Zigbee HA... and pore compatibility like other

I have a Zigbee gateway like tuya can we use this like a bridge?

Thanks all for your help

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No return for Zipatile 2 Zigbee upgrade ?




I would like to inform you that recently is enabled ordering ZipaTile2 with Zigbee module. It must be specified at your order since standard ZipaTile2 doesn't have Zigbee module.

We are sorry for your problem with purchasing on Amazon but Zipato is not responsible for any sales on Amazon.

If you want to upgrade your ZipaTile2 with Zigbee module, please submit a ticket and Zipato support team will explain the procedure to send it to our service for the upgrade.



unfortunately I have the same problem.

I‘ve bought the Zipatile with the knowledge, that Zigbee and Zwave is 100% supported.

So I‘ve spend around 1000€ for Zigbee-Lights from Paul Neuhaus, but can‘t control them.

The Link:

Best regards




I put Zipatile 2 in exchange for zipatile 1 but no one pointed out to me that there are more versions and now the devices I have connected to Zipatile1 will not work for me. It was such a problem to alert me to it and I would clarify it. Everywhere in the description it is written that the zigbee supports and now I feel deceived.

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