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dresden-elektronik Scene Switch

Archived Fabian Comments: 2 Reply 5 years ago by Fabian
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Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee protocol support

Archived Gregg Compatibility Comments: 2 Reply 41 days ago by Andriano
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Osram smart+ plug (zigbee)

Archived Ste R. Compatibility Comments: 4 Reply 4 years ago by John R.
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Can't add Zigbee module : Plug Develco ZHWR202

Archived VINCENT Comments: 2 Reply 9 years ago by VINCENT
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No succesful with the zigbee expansion

Archived Pascal D. General Comments: 1 Reply 7 years ago by Guest
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IKEA Tradfri bulbs - RGB does not work

Archived Maria S. Compatibility Comments: 10 Reply 4 years ago by Håkan H.
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Zipatile 2 and Zigbee module

Archived Rafael General Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by Ján
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Zigbee problem

Solved Wojtek T. Comments: 2 Reply 10 years ago by Wojtek T.
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