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connect airconditioner to the ZipaTile

Roberto Hiemstra shared this idea 3 years ago
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Hi everybody,

has anybody got any experience on adding airconditioning units to a Zipatile/Zipabox?

For a customer I need to add airco units, one with wifi unit and one without wifi module to a controller. the airco units do have a IR remote controller.

There are already a few thermostat-pro's in the system to control the heating.

I would like to combine the airco's to the thermostat-pro, but first need o know how to add them to the system.

thanx in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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in general, wifi devies is not possible to add into Zipato system via wifi network - wifi network is not supported.

If A/C has IR remote controller, then it is possible to inlcude ZXT-600 IR Extender into Zioato system and cotnrol A/C by using Zipato virtual thermostat.

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