Which Zipabox do I have

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This is perhaps a stupid question but how do I know if I have a Zipabox 1 or 2?

I tried to migrate to v3 this morning to get google home working with my system (believe v3 is necessary for that?) but got the message that my box could not be a Master. I thought that I had a Zipabox 2 but perhaps I am wrong.(?) So how do I check this?

As I do not want to buy a new box and ASLO a multiserver license if I want to keep my old box, I am considering to change to some other brand, like Homey. What do you think, any of you that have any experience of Homey?

BR, Ragnar

Thanks for your help and feedback.

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If it has an antenna attached then it is a Zipabox 1. The Zipabox 2 needs a module attached with the antenna.



it should stand on your label under model name.

If the serial starts with "ZB" for example, then it is a Zipabox2.

Submit a ticket if you have issues.

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