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Zipatile2 - registration not possible

Laurent Birgen shared this idea 2 years ago

As my old Zipatile1 is not connecting anymore to your servers and bipping the whole time i wanted to replace it with a newer version and took the Zipatile2.

It's not possible to register the controller. Tile is conected to the internet, on itself the Zipato app does not exist. i installed the app on my mobile phone and while adding server i get runtime exeption error...

same on the V3 platform on the net

any ideas?

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please use this short tutorial:

If you want to register a controller on the V3 platform, please use the mobile app instead of the webUI.

This is the mobile app



thx for te reply. I am not migrating from V2 to V3 as the older Zipatile is always failling to connect.

I am setting up my complete (new) network based on the new Zipatile2. ( incl. adding all the existing devices on the new tablet)

I use the mentionned app on my mobile phone in my home network and i get always the message RuntimeExeption when i try to add the Zipatile as server.

i deleted the system, recreated it, and retryed. no change, always same error

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