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rsu123 shared this idea 20 months ago
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this afternoon all Sensors, which are Push buttons on KNX side stopped working. Have you changed something today ?

Just recognized, that the whole rule engine does not work !

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try to sync rules again and check again.


May it would be better to find the problem, before i resync. Typical Microsoft solution - reboot :-)

Some funktionslos are back. E.G the KNX buttons seems to recognized and switch the lights.

But i have as well some rules doing something by night and send a message, when they run. But these messages does not come. Some rules does not work at all.

I have done nothing so far. No resysnc of rules or something else.

Due to i had this problems with the rules engine several times now, i hope you can find the failure. So i will wait for your reply, before i try to restart or resync.

Take for example rule 2 of my account. There should something happen by night an messages should be send after action. But these does not be send.

You find my SN in ticket 31612-04-16, there is the same problem as a ticket.

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Last night the mails arrived. Rules are seems to work.

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