How to register Zipabox 1 into when I clear owner

Guillaume shared this idea 3 months ago
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I wanted to migrate my zipabox to app V3 and I did clear owner in the V2

Then I realised I had a Zipabox 1 and that it can not be migrated to the new app...

So I lost all my settings and when I try to recreate everything into the webapp, I do not have the option to setup.

How can I do?

I do not want to invest in a new box but want to be able to use it as it used to be.


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You cannot add Zipabox 1 Master controller


Yes I understood that, so I would like to get back the server connected in (webapp v2 I think) but I fo not see the option to add a server now, like it has been disabled...

Will it be possible to get back my zipabox into this old webapp version to be able to use it?


open ticket

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