Ufairy valve control problem

Eduard shared this problem 11 months ago


I apologize for the trouble, but I want you to help me with 4 actuators that seem to have lost their abilities in the zipatile application for more than a month.

It's about the UFairy GR-105 valve controllers, which a month ago all went offline at once.

I reinstalled 3 of them but they always appear closed and from the application I can't close them only from the web interface, but even there it doesn't show their real status.

My prayer is if you can restore the skills for these solenoid valves.

Thank you very much.

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I've had similar problems in the past. Most of mine were around the valves simply becoming unreachable. Have you checked the status of the lights on the valves?


yes I checked

The blue LED is off when the valve is open and it is on when the valve is closed.

The valve is connected in the application but I can't close it from the application, I can only open it when it's closed and the status it shows is always closed.

Thank you for your reply.

If you have any idea about my problem I am open to any suggestions.


I have 3 of them working on the V2 environment. Wasn't able to get them to work on V3


It works for me in v3 but with an older firmware version.


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