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Dev Smalt shared this question 10 months ago
Need Answer


We need help to understand how to fully use the virtual thermostats.

Before we could use the topic "/thermostats" to get the virtual thermostat's config where we could get "presets", "vacationPresetName", "vacationStart", "vacationEnd" (...) but I do understand that is not supported anymore .



Do you have any documentation on how to use the virtual thermostat with the API ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Documentation: Refer to the latest API documentation or user guide of the platform you're using. Updates or changes should be mentioned there.
  2. Support or Community Forums: Many platforms have community forums or support channels. They can be invaluable for clarifying changes or finding workarounds.
  3. Alternative Endpoints: There might be a new endpoint or method to fetch the data you need. Again, the documentation is the key. TellTims


It appears that you are looking for guidance on how to fully utilize virtual thermostats but have encountered changes in the API or system you are using, specifically the removal of the "/thermostats" topic that provided thermostat configuration details, presets, vacation settings, and more. To make the most of virtual thermostats in your system, you may need to adapt to the new approach for accessing this information. QR Code Scanner


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