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Add more support for 433mHz products

Fredrik Ahnell shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Telldus is a big provider of 433 mhz products here in Sweden and norden europe. I would really like to see better support on more products for us using zipabox with 433mhz modul.

For me this is a deal breaker if I should continue using Zipabox or go to Homey. Zipato can not only focus on z-wave product, if you are offering a 433 modul you also need to support it.

Two products I would like to see in near time is:

Telldus new small plugs:

Telldus thermo sensor:

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instead of homey, which would put you in the same position I guess as having to rely on their support of 433 mhz devices, why not build your own? Just get a mini pc, software and rfxtrx433e and you can add a whole lot more.

I bought homeseer software and am using it on a mini pc, together with aeotec z-wave stick and rfxtrx433e I can control all my devices now, as before I could not.


That will probably work. But I got the Zipabox because I want it to be simple and have the support. I'm guessing that it will more or less be the same as today when Zipato dosen't really have good support.

What I like with Homey is the app store, so they already support more devices than Zipabox on both z-wave and 433.

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