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Adding a Zipatile to an existing System

Bernd shared this question 8 years ago
Need Answer

I have ordered a Zipatile with ZigBee which I am waiting for in the moment hoping it will be delivered very soon.

I tried to figure out in advance of the delivery how to add the Tile to my existing ZipaBox. I learned that Zipato suggests to have the Zipatile as the first controller and the box as "slave".

When I bought my Box the only Restrictions were that Sonos and Hue controlling had to be payed for an extra fee. The number of devices and the number of rules is unlimited in my system.

Due to the delay in delivery meanwhile Firmware version 1.x was released which means that for new devices the number of rules etc. is restricted.

Does anybody know what happens to my "priviliges" when setting the Zipatile as the main controller



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Thanks for your information Patrick.

You exactly hit my point. When we ordered (I did I think in April) there were absolutely no clear conditions. I ordered despite that trusting in Zipato being fair to their customers, especially to loyal customers who have more than one Zipato device.

The Zipatile is not really cheap. So I expect that I can use it with the existing stuff without paying any extra fees.

Zipato promised extraordinary support for all pre-order customers. I really hope they can remember and I´m almost sure they will an we will find a solution to run a Zipabox and a Zipatile in one System.

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