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aggregation and average for meters

Paolo Pelori shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hi, I'm quite new in rules design, but I can't figure a workaround for my issue: I'd like to get alerted when my washing machine and my dryer finish their programs by measuring their power consumption with two fibaro plugs. However, due to their frequent start/stop activities, it's really hard to understand when a program ends for real.

So, here is my idea: is it possible to have an operator box computing an average (or a sum, or a count) of values gathered by a meter in the last xxx seconds?


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Don't think that is possible....

but look here:


Hi, thank you for your answer!

I created very similar rule using a virtual switch instead of a variable; problems arise when e.g. washing machine behaves in this way:

spin > wait some sec. > spin

thus instant power consumption is something like:

60,150,150,150,40,3,3,3,50,150 and so on

I use a delay and a recheck to minimize wrong alerts, but the problem is not completely solved yet.


Maybe you should check 3 times and put a refresh all in the rule to make sure you get the latest value when you check.


Thank you for the answer.Yeah, maybe... but what's the meaning of the event log? just a mere (and quite messy) representation of what has been? IMHO it could be very useful to use that data in rule editor too.

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