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Alarm not triggering

Sébastien Albrech shared this problem 10 years ago
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I got a new trouble with my zipabox, i set up an new security partition, with 3 zone. when the alam is armed and movements gather by sensor, the alarm is not trigered (no mail, no sound, no event)

here is 2 pictures:

pict 1 - alarm and sensor state + alarm event

pict 2 - partition and zone setting (i just snapshoted one zone, because they all have the same setting but zone 1 who have exit and entry zone checked).

where is my mistake ?

Thanks in advance.


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Actualy it's seem to come from the ez-motion known issue you explained to me this morning, because i clicked on all the ez-motion's blue button, then i disarmed and re-arm alarm and it was working again.


Milan Gulis wrote:

Ok, then I will give you an update on your other post regarding HMS100 as soon as I have more information.
yes perfect for me, thanks milan.

By the way, when the new firmware will come, do we have to update each sensor with a specific software or will the zipabox will do tje job by it self ?

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