Assign value from JSON to a variable

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Hello, I bought the pro package to be able to do HTTP request. I've read thru knowledge base and forum but what I saw is pretty old, and/or did not work.

I'm trying to achieve the following:

Using a Scheduler, send periodically a GET request to a thermostat.

The GET response is JSON based. Here's an example:

Using the information in the response, I would like to populate variables (like state, humidity, etc...) that I could reuse for a Virtual Thermostat or to trigger action (ex:if Humidity >55, then put fan on...)

Could you please provide info on how to achieve or provide documentation?


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i have moved this request to the community, as we do not give support for such queries.

We would need to involve our developers and such requests we can provide only with the professional hour.

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Can I get at least an answer on if this is attainable out-of-the-box or if special development is needed? I can manage my way around but a vague answer like this one does not help me.

I'm looking for guidance, not necessarily a fully written receipe. I don't mind to pay for when i'm confident I'll loose my time (like I was trying to find non existing documentation). If it's something that can be done in an hour, please advise.




that is a poor response form Zipato, sorry Philippe.

So Zipato didn't to you whether it was possible or not? It should be possible, I would pay for the 1 hour support as they will sort this out far quicker. And if it wont work, they will tell you asap, and I would imagine refund your costs, with out you wasting to much of your own time.

If you do, let us know how well support helps.

Yes, the lack of documentation is frustrating. Zipato really should have a full page dedicated to its API and authenticating to help others integrate Zipatos API into their own platform.


My understanding is that you can't pull information in from outside sources into meters or variables from the Zipbox/Zipatile itself - which is a pretty big limitation. If there is a way, I would be very interested.

What I do is use Google App Scripts to obtain information from weather APIs, my air quality sensor Awair, and my Tado thermostat and push that data into virtual meters. Here is an example for weather APIs:

I'm not sure right now whether you can populate variables, but you can definitely populate virtual meters.