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Camera Configuration - after new firmware 0.9.999.1

Michele Favorito shared this problem 6 years ago

After new update of firmware I saw that I have some problem to view my camera by zipato. I check the configuration of camera and I discovered that the 'port' that I put in configuration (address administrator) was disappear. I re-tried and I put another time the ip address with port number ( At the begin it was worked but after logout when I login I discovered that inside address administrator there was only the ip address without port. The camera couldn't work with this data.

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Ivan wrote:


from your registered Zipato account e-mail address please send us on your username and password so we can check the status of your ZipaBox. The ticketing system will guide you through the process.



Hi Ivan,

I don't think that this is zipabox configuration problem because I tried this things on 3 different zipabox. Only the zipabox that i hadn't upgrade work propert. In attach you can find the screenshot.

Please help me.



I have the same problem. . . 2 weeks and still not fixed . . .

Sorry, but this is due to a poor quality of updates . This is very critical for a long time now . . . This is unfortunately what makes you a bad reputation today and motivates your customers first migrated to the conccurents .