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Camera motion detection arm / disarm within rules ?

Matth Matth shared this question 8 years ago
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I'd like Zipabox to send a MOTION_ARMED=1 to my camera when Zipabox Alarm is turned on, and MOTION_ARMED=0 when Zipabox Alarm is turned off.

Meaning: when alarm is on, my camera detects moves, when off, not.

I can do this manually from my PC, I have the right URL for the camera, but when executed from the zipabox rules, it doesn't work.

URL :;JSESSIONID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.frontend3;HOST=192.168.x.xx

(off course, replace "x" with right values)

There is also no API to do this.

Any idea ?

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You should create a rule like this:

WHEN alarm any

IF alarm arm

http request (put the url to activate motion sensor on your ip cam)


http request (put the url to stop motion sensor on your ip cam)



Tried, and it's not working. Just like the zipabox can't talk to my cam.


Zipabox is executing rules from within a local network (as it is par of local network), and it seems you are trying to configure it to talk to camera as it is outside of the local network.

Try to get appropriate URL which works from within a local network and use this URL in the rule similar to the one which thomas described to you...


I started with local network settings, and, didn't worked. Then I tried like if it is launched from outside my LAN, and didn't worked too...


maybe you were not using username/password within a URL, when you were trying localy. Compering to you when trying from your PC, Zipabox is not logged in to your camera when trying the same URL.


OK, I did that, and now it's working. Can't believe it, but, it's working. I could swear I had tested that already!

Thanks a lot guys!!!

So, for the record, URL should look like that :

(change IP, and user/password, of course)

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