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Cannot remove SMS notification under security

Petter Grönskog shared this problem 9 years ago

I bought some credits to try the SMS notifications and it´s works pretty good but I gett 2 SMS with the same text in them. I get charge for both of them.

But the biggest headache is that I cannot remove the user from SMS notifications. When pressing save I end up in the root of "Security" and when I´m checking the system haven´t saved the change.

please help.

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which interface you are using, new one or old one?



Thank you for a fast replay! :)

I´m using the new interface.


yes, it seems there is a bug in the new UI which is causing the problem when deleting the "last" contact in message box:-( We will fix it soon. Meanwhile, you can use the old UI to delete this contact over there.

As for double messages, this is strange, as I can't replicate. Please open the support ticket for this issue and include your credentials so we can check it out. in case this is some bug, we will refund all credits for double messages.


ok, great. I´ll due that!

Thank you for the fast support and keep up with the good work! :)


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