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Cluster Option Feedback and Questions

Alberto Macias shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer

Dear Zipato,

I have two zipatiles and one zipabox already upgraded to the firmware version compatible with cluster. The one and only reason I bought two Zipatiles after my zipabox its the cluster option, back when Zipatile was first on pre-order the expected functionality and integration sounded awesome.

To be honest I'm now a little reluctant of trying the cluster at home, I have 50 plus working devices and 40 plus working rules, wife will kill me if everything becomes irresponsive, I just read a post where the zipatile stopped working after the upgrade (And I assume for the one comment in the post) the inclusion of the Tile to the cluster, unfortunatelly the post has been locked out and all other users willing to give it a shot cannot know more about the issue, maybe it's a procedure mistake or maybe it's a issue of the cluster (we would understand issues, since it's a beta firmware). Anyway, I think many of us have several unanswered questions that would be beneficial for Zipato and the users to be responded, in order to avoid complains and problems at home.

"Although it is possible to join existing controller into it,

Cluster configuration is recommended to be done before you start adding devices

to the controller. Cluster function is made for creating a real integration

environment from the scratch, with proper planning and installation knowledge.

It is PRO functionality and professional installation with support is


1. Does this means cluster shouldn't be attempted to configure with a working processor with rules and devices already in it?

2. What exactly is considered a proper planning?

3. Installation knowledge of cluster? Z-Wave devices?

4. With Professional Installation and support you guys mean someone from Zipato? Z-wave certified Integrator?

5. When you add controllers to the cluster, do they interact through the cloud or through Z-wave or both?

6. What happens when one of the controllers in the cluster becomes offline? Specifically, the devices attached to its Z-wave network are still fully functional through the other controller?

7. Is there a way to select which controller in the cluster is the master controller?

8. What are the expected roadblocks or functionallity deficiencies of the cluster (being a beta firware) on this initial release?

Please Zipato, provide us with feedback so we can trully contribute with the development of this feature.

Anyone that has successfully configured the cluster yet??

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