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Cooper Aspire RF9540 dimmer configuration - "delayed off" is not working

Hirudin shared this problem 5 years ago

I have a Zipabox and a few Z Wave devices. One device is a Cooper (Eaton) "Aspire" in-wall dimmer switch - model number RF9540. The issue I'm having is the "delayed off" setting does not seem to be working correctly.

I have three issues...

1. The configuration panel, presumably setup by Zipato, doesn't function correctly (values are incorrectly limited)

2. The settings entered into the configuration are not passed to the device, as far as I can tell

3. I cannot manually pass the correct values because the software is "too smart" to allow a user to bypass it

1. Control Center is limiting this value to decimal numbers between 0 and 127 even though values of -128 and -1 should also be allowed.

From page 3 of this PDF file:

"*The configuration value is a signed single byte number. This value may represent a value with no units or may represent a value such as time. 0 to 127 (decimal) represents 0 to 127

seconds of time. -128 to -1 (negative decimal numbers) represents 128 to 255 seconds as calculated by this formula.

Config value = desired time in seconds (or desired value) -256

For an example of 172 seconds: config value = 172 - 256 = -84 (decimal) or 0xAC (hex)"

Of course, ideally, Control Center would allow the user to input any number between 0 and 256 and the software would do the necessary math to pass the intended value to the switch.

2. I only want a delay of 15 seconds so I entered "15" into the "delayed off" field. Unfortunately, the behavior of the switch has not changed.

3. There's no way to bypass this problem because the software is too smart for its own good. Since the "delayed off" setting is stored in parameter 1 I simply clicked the "add new" button and typed in the appropriate values. Unfortunately, my correctly entered values were not passed to the switch because the software recognized that parameter 1 was already being used. In other words, until Zipato corrects the custom configuration interface for this switch I, as a user, cannot setup my switch properly.

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And just to put this out there: I have waited hours between changing the setting and testing the switch. I have hit the "Synchronize" button dozens of times. Also, another setting I changed manually, parameter 11 (minimum brightness level), was successfully changed many, many times without any delay (I would save the configuration, synchronize with the controller, and manually test the switch - the setting was updated within seconds).


Damn, false alarm. Apparently the super smart people at Cooper made it so you can only use the "delayed off" feature if you hold down the physical switch for two seconds. This is idiotic, but the Zipabox is not to blame.

I'm only half joking here: who has time to hold a light switch down for two seconds?

So, I was mistaken about my "#2" issue. I'm sorry!

I would say having a way for a user to double check what parameters the preset configuration options change would still be a good idea and would address my third issue. Like, maybe a "Tech Info" button on the UI that could be pressed to show exactly what a particular option does.