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Custom FTP Camera Settings

Riccardo Riva shared this idea 10 years ago
Under Consideration

We should be able to enter custom ftp settings for camera in the case we have it.

I've notice in the last couple of days a lot of outage for and I'm unable to use cameras.

I have a lot of FTP account for other use and right now I can't use it with my 5 home cameras.


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typo .. it wasnt't but .... but the result is the same.

It results down even right now using ftp.


Where would you like to enter custom FTP settings?

If you want to do it on camera then nobody is preventing you to do that, you can use your own FTP but you won't be able to view images on Zipato Dashboard.

Using custom FTP with our Dashboard is not possible.


I think could be a good option to add.

Entering two ftp addresses will be a good safe solution.

One address fixed on zipato servers, one on custom address: the user will choose the one used as main ftp, and the one used as backup in case the main one fail.

Think about it. If zipato server fail....

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