DanaLock V3

Morgan Sjöberg shared this idea 22 months ago


I have problem to get my Zipatile work togheter with DanaLock V3.

The lock is included with message "Secuir inclusion failded" I get no status and I can´t manage the lock?!

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Hello Morgan.

I think you should submit a ticket if you haven't already.

I use the older Danalock V2 with the old Zipabox and it works just fine.

Try again and maybe you need to get the lock closer to your Zipatile? (not easy maybe but could be the problem?)

Good luck!


I have three Danalocks V3 and I had the same issues. Please restart your Zipatile before you including the danalocks. Please look that secure inclusion is activated and than keep a maximum distance of one meter from the zipatile.