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Device names

Stian Ranvik shared this problem 9 years ago

with the new skin, i cannot change all of my Device Names. Example the Nexa devices and the Remotech Ir extender. I have to go to the old skin. In the new skin, the field is going blank when i try to edit the devices in Lights and power.

Also i cannot use SPACE in device names. But i could with the old skin.

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All my device names are gone in the new skin.....

thy have the standard names now like dimmer.


try to re-apply descriptors for some of them. We did some fixes, so maybe some names will be recovered in the new UI


The names are correct in the old UI, it seam the new UI skips some names.


The new skin uses device name (top level in the device tree) and not the name on the descriptor page (or whatever its called) that was used by the old skin.

Its a bug

Please fix because its confusing to rename devices. Devices should keep names given by manufacturer but the UI should display the nickname (descriptor) that we give it.

Edit: After some more testing it seems more confusing than that...

For example, I have 2 z-wave Philio PAN-11 wall plugs that shows up just as "On/Off" in the Lights & Power panel regardless of what names I give them.

The latest skin has many improvements but this bug must be fixed to render it useful.


The name you enter when adding a device seems to be completely ignored. You have to enter the name you want *separately* both in the device browser and the device manager. Very confusing.

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