DLink DCH-Z110 & DCH-Z120

Seraph shared this problem 6 months ago

Hi all,

I got some DLink DCH-Z120 and DCH-Z110 devices.

After some trouble, I got the DCH-Z110 to work using the workaround described here:


by setting all the customer function bits to 'on'.

I believe the DCH-Z120 devices would work the same way, they are nearly the same PCB and even have a shared manual for both devices.

Sadly the customer function field in the device's config shows up as dropdown, so I cant set all the bits to on.

Is there a workaround to replace the field? Or to set the fields manually? If I try to set the bits using the manual field in the bottom, it states: Param 7 already exists...

Best regards

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After reading a bit more, I think the device descriptor ist simply wrong for param 7.

It should be a bitfield instead of a dropdown...


I was able to send the value 63 vor param 7 as "custom configuration". the sensor worked after that.

So the description is broken. Problem is, the configuration will be lost when the device is configured next time...

How do we proceed with this knowledge?