Doorbell -> Camera Snapshot -> Email.

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I am trying to achieve the following:

  1. Someone presses the button on my doorbell, which triggers a rule. (already working).
  2. This rule should take a snapshot from my camera
  3. The snapshot should be emailed to me.

Step 1: The doorbell -> rule triggers works through a fibaro binary sensor. Sofar so good.

Step 2: I've added my camera (Foscam FI9853EP) and can view both the live stream and the snapshot, so communication with my camera is also working.

According to all the information that i have und foi should configure the FTP settings from the Dashboard into my camera. My camera should then save the snapshot to the server and zipato portal should be able to retrieve the snapshot.

Step 3: I need to create an Send Message block, where i add an attachment from my camera, which will make the email contain the last snapshot.

The problem i encounter is that i can't seem to login into the with the provided ftp credentials in thee Dashboard. My camera supports a test button to test the credentials, but it keeps failing. Using any other ftp program also doesn't connect. The connection seems to stall before i can fill in the provided username.

What i am doing wrong? Is perhaps the ftp site down?

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Hello nickyb2,

We are glad to inform you that process is more simple than you imagined.

You don't log-in anywhere.

Could you check this previous answer please:

If this works let us know and if it doesn't then just add to comments where are you stuck.

Best regards,

Zipato Team


Great.. I've added my comments to that thread to keep all the information in one place.



I have the same cam. Can you share your setting concerning the stream? I fight to get the right parameter... Do you have also change the config in the cam setting?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

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