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downgrade firmware

domoteek shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

Is there a way to downgrade firmware ?

Firmware 0.9999999.2 has too much bugs ! (virtual meters can't be added, virtual sensors can't be activate with hhtp... , so I can't use my box anymore !)

So, how can I come back to 0.9999a ?

Thanks for you quick answer, because it is becoming really annoyinh to be block by erverything we try to do on our box !

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Why do you mean by "virtual sensors can't be activated by http"?

Because I noticed that the api key included into the url of my virtual meters has been changed so after updating my links, it works again.

Is is the same problem you are talking about?

EDIT: Ok I just noticed that the on/off url of virtual sensors has been mistake


Yes this is my problem, and the same thing with virtual meters. We can't add none of them until the new UI version, in severa weeks or months, it is alittle bit annoying !


Take a look at Sebastian's post.

It's still in development yet and I these problems will be resolved soon

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