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Everspring ST812 Flood Sensor doesnt report data

Per Bergman shared this problem 4 years ago

After changing my Zipato Duo (due to bad 433MHz radio module) I had to reconnet all the devices. My Everspring ST812 Flood Senor is able to add, but it doesnt show any status. Earlier it did show "No leak" or "Leak", but now I am not able to konfigure it to do that! Any ideas that could help me?

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Same problem here - It appears in the list of devices - although with 2 sensors (??) and not just one: 1. "Water Alarm Sensor" 2. "Zipato Water Leak Sensor"

None of the sensors report any data - in the old "GUI" the sensor reports "Sensor Off"

Nothing happens on the physical device if you stick the probe in a glass of water...

(Yes I have excluded and included several times)

Will open a ticket on this subject....


Solution found:

After a fair amount of tweaking I think I have found a work-around. The way to make it work is:

1. Delete the ST812 device from the UI

2. Hard reset of the ST812 (3xTamper within 1.5 sec - then hold Tamper until long beep (5 sec) ends.

3. Include ST812 into the controller (normal way) - Very important here: After the assign name/save bit the LED on the ST812 must NOT be blinking - if it is stil blinking it was not associtated (if you cannot make it work there is a potential workaround at the bottom of the post).

4. In the device manger unfold the ST812 Tree: There should be 3 branches: "Control Other Devices", "WATER Alarm Sensor" & "Zipato Water Leak Sensor". Do the following:

(a) Hide the "Zipato Water Leak Sensor" from the device list (uncheck "Show as device")

(b) Check "Show as device" for the "WATER Alarm Sensor"

(c) Unfold "WATER Alarm Sensor" and make the child (also called "WATER Alarm sensor") visible and change type to "Flood Sensor"

5. Synchonize

6. Restart Box

7. Logout

8. Wait for up to 2 h - and suddenly it wil be there...

All of this requires that the ST812 is correctly associated - this can be tested by sticking the probe in a glass of water - it should blink and beep

If it is not there is a potential work-around: Without removing the device from the Zipabox do a hard reset (as above) and include it again (yes it sounds strange) - be sure to give it a name after inclusion so you can detect the "new one" - this should make the ST812 associate. If it works - delete the old one and perform the steps above on the new one.

Hope it works for you.... but YMMV



Just for your information. I have this sensor and it's working. When I dip the sensor in water I get a "leak signal". However it's completely silence otherwise.



the Everspring ST812 is fixed and working on the latest beta, which is 1.2.15c. Please keep in mind that this is still the beta firmware.

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