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Fibaro button

Christoph Clasen shared this idea 4 years ago

Hi Zipatoteam

A have aproblem with the fibaro button.

I think itis an old Problem but now one knows how to fix it.

The buttomis new.

Here youcan see the details. FW Version 3.2 is actual.

The buttonworks fine. But after a while it seems that the button sleeps. The first presshas no reaction. Than every Thing works fine.

As anemergency button this is not acceptable.

We have discussed these problem month ago.

Is there atrick to solve these Problem ?

Parallel i had open a ticket with fibaro.




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Fíbaro had answered to my case.

It seems that we have a Problem on the fibaro sight.

But i´m not sure if these action realy helps.

Does anyone have some experinces with this method ?

Here is the answer from Fibaro.

Dear Sir:

This issue iscaused by detachment of negative band strip that closes circuit of electronicboard. We’ve managed to improve this feature and if you wish we can solve thisfor you.You need to send usthis device. Warranty procedure is described in the document


Hello Christoph,

it seems like this is an issue related to Fibaro, therefore I'll move this to a public topic so it can be discussed with others.

Best regards,


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