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Fibaro Dimmer 212 S1 and S2 in Rules

Charles Coonz shared this question 3 years ago
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I Have a Zipabox and installing the fibaro dimmer 212 for my light control.

I wanted to ask if it is possible in any way to include the S2 switch of the fibaro

dimmer in the rule manager to show up as a control device.

I am trying to use a dimmer to take advantage of the S2 to activate specific scene without

interfering with the S1 native function.

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Ι have solved the problem by creating a rule and thus using the controller to perform a specific action when pressing S2 switch.

I searched and found the configuration values of the fibaro Dimmer and then created a rule for the specific actuator using the config value used to address to the S2 switch.


How did you get the scene to be accessible on the device in the rule creator? In that dropdown, I only see level, cumulative consumption and current consumption - no option for scenes.

I also see the image posted in this thread which shows a 'button 2 pressed' event in the rule creator, which also isn't available to me (this is on a switch not a dimmer, but I'd expect similar functionality to be available for the second switch).