Fibaro FGD-211 dimmer : S2 not able to switch other devices

Anjos shared this problem 6 years ago

My fibaro dimmer works fine with a push button on S1.

But I would like to use S2 for controlling an other device (duwi switch). So I make a binding between S2 and the duwi.

The only reacting I get is when i do a double clicking on S2. Then de duwi switches on.

A single clicking on S2 gives no reaction. And I can't turn it off.

I read more complanes about the use of S2, but a post from Milan, a week ago, gives the impression that everything is fine now.

A test with a virtual switch gives the same result so it seems to be the Fibaro.

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Problem solved.

There is a parameter : 'check device status before sending control frame'. Default is 'checked'. When you change teh setting to "Not checked" it works well. No idea why. But it works. Maybe also interesting for others.