Fibaro FGS 211 problem

Olivier Guihard shared this problem 10 years ago


I received a brand new Fibaro FGS 211 switch. Curiously, I was able to include it in my network without pressing the B button on the switch ( which was already in learning mode??). After that a new zwave device appeared "Fibaro Group :1024" bearing two groups and three power relay switch?? Any of these is working ( switching) but of course there is only one physical switch. What's the hell??

Adding to this, commuting the switch has only a temporary effect: after a few seconds, back to the previous state ( monostable). I can't find how to manage parameters: clicking on configuration of the device gives access to custom configuration with description parameter number, value, yes but..

I tried to exclude the device to start again: impossible..

Am I doing wrong? Or is there a problem?



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Try this:

Go to Total devices

>> Delete fibaro (right mouse on device)

>> Add devices

>> Generic Zwave

>> Reset

>> Push B button on Fibaro 3 times

>> Add devices

>> Generic Zwave

>> Join

>> Push B button on Fibaro 3 times

Hope this helps.

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