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Leander Rijneveld shared this question 11 years ago

I am using a Fibaro FGS-221 (double relay) module. Works perfectly with the Zipabox; except one strange thing. When switching the relay's with the button the status for relay 2 is updated instantly but relay 1 isn't. Is this normal behaviour? The module should support sending the status change using Group 3.

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Can we set the polling timer of the zipabox for a device ? or is it hardcoded ?

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Marko Kosanovic wrote:

Unfortunately now it is normal behaviour because fibaro made it proprietary. Workaround for this is a bit different and harder than solution in the link for the single switch, so it is not the top priority because only fibaro make it that way.

But Zipato system periodicaly question every device's endpoint for the status and update that status on the cloud so status of your device will be updated.

Can polling frequency be configured per device?

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