Fibaro Radiator Thermostat

Magnus Wingqvist shared this problem 7 months ago


Anyone who got the Fibaro Radiator Thermostat work? I can only shut the radiator off. The rest doesn't work.



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Just finished the integration for the Fibaro Heat Controller.Try re-adding it now, it should work flawlessly.

If you're using the external temperature sensor with it, make sure they are paired properly to receive the readings.


I just bought one of these and added it onto my zipabox (radiator valve with paired temp sensor) and it shows up as two devices - EP1 and EP2 - the temp sensor is accurately reporting room temp as EP2 but how do I set the temp on the radiator valve (EP1?)

Is there no way to get the valve to show up as a radiator? Ironically the only thing that shows up as a radiator is my nest! All my danfoss valves show up as temp sensors too. I did originally set up virtual thermostat zones for each room and add my danfoss valves to them and use the temp sensors from my fibaro Eye in each room to provide temp measurement but the problem was the radiator valves would burn through batteries in a few weeks - I found it much better and more even temperature in each room if you just set the set point on each valve and let it manage things itself but cant figure out how best to control the set point from the zipabox.


Hello, I just bought the Fibaro heat controller. I added it to Zipabx with no problems. As Sam writes, I see it as two temp sensors EP1 and EP2. The EP2 shows room temperature, the EP1 with name Heating Setpoint does not show any values.

So how do I set the target temperature? Any help. thanks