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Fibaro Universal Sensor FGBS321 v2.1 - v2.3 problem

Mats V shared this problem 9 years ago

Fibaro Universal Sensor FGBS321 v2.1 - v2.3 not added correctly. Can´t get input 2 to respond as input 1. In the dashboard in Sensors Input1, Binary Sensor1 and Binary Sensor2 are shown but not Input2. I have removed device and added it again with same result. I have 3 FGBS321 and it is same problem with them all 3. See attached file, there is difference between input 1 and 2.

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Hello Mats,

You posted this long time ago, but looks like the problem still there. I am also not able to read Input 2. Have opened a ticket and I am waiting. Did you have any luck finding a solution?


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