How is tamper working ? and configured ? any documentation available ?

lewulle shared this question 6 years ago

Hello ,

I don't find explanations about "tamper".

I guess that tamper is also used for wireless sensors (not only wired ones) such as 4 in 1 sensors or door/window sensors ?

Do I need to create a special partition myself to build a tamper protection? e.g. adding a virtual alarm, and adding zones , and selecting tamper type ? This does however seem not to work, and alarm is triggered when sensor is changing state (although tamper switch was not touched).

Is there a documentation somewhere available for this ?

Tamper should also be active always , irrespective of arming home or arming away or disarmed?

Thanks in advance !

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Hello lewulle,

The tamper is by default enabled in every alarm partition (so is panic) when you go to "configure" options find on top.

You cannot configure a devices behaviour which results in TAMPER reporting to the controller.

Every device which supports a tamper detection has an inbuilt trigger which activates the tamper message.

It can be a shock sensor which reacts to vibration, it can be a trip switch that springs when the sensors casing is opened.

Once a devices tamper trigger is tripped, the tamper alarm will go off in that alarm partition if the tamper is configured.

There are three possible reactions from a controller on a tamper notification. It can either be an audible alarm, a silent alarm (e-mail), or disabled.

All alarm features should be displayed here:





I had the problem that a window sensor had the tamper sctivated due to a bad surface connection and the siren started to play even if the alarm was not active.

Is it a normal behaviour? How can I set a different behaviour of tampers in sensors? (silent)


Yes. You can change how the tamper alarm activates in the alarm panel browser. unfortunately this set the response for ALL sensors tamper alarm.


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